Illumina HiSeq - Sample Lifecycle Manager (SLM) Submission Instructions

The UAGC is now accepting Illumina HiSeq submissions through our Laboratory's Sample Lifecycle Manager (SLM)


If you or your lab group already has a SLM account, then you can now submit samples for HiSeq just as you would for any other UAGC services. If you do not have a SLM account, you will need to have your PI/lab manager establish an account and then add you as a user to their lab group.

Information for registering as a user or creating a new lab group as a PI or Lab Manager can be found here: SLM Registration Tutorial

How to submit for HiSeq services on SLM


1. Downloaded the Excel ihs_SampleSubmissionTemplate.xls and fill it in with your information:

Access the template here:   ihs_SubmissionTemplateForm

2. Create Submission

Once you are logged in, click the "Create Submission" button on the MY SUBMISSIONS page

  • Select Illumina HiSeq 2500 - ihs
  • Select your lab group
  • Select your account

(alternative billing can be set up later with the ARL billing office if desired, but an account must be selected to make your submission)

NOTE: If you do not have a UofA KFS number or if you plan to pay with an alternative payment method (e.g. credit card), enter 1111111 when you set up the account and label the account appropriately (e.g. "Credit Card").

3. Add sample IDs

You will then be asked to provide the sample IDs for your submission and have a choice to either "Submit Tubes" or "Submit Grid".

For samples arriving to the lab in individual tubes, select "Submit Tubes" and type in the sample IDs one at a time for each sample being submitted. If you are submitting samples in a 96-well plate, select "Submit Grid" and then paste in the 8x12 grid of sample names from an excel spreadsheet by selecting the option to "Paste Sample Map". You will be asked to provide a Grid Label that identifies the plate. Please include only the samples (no headers) and leave empty wells without text, or put the word "empty" in those cells. Other text (including "blank") will be treated as a sample.

When finished, select either Submit Tubes/Submit Grid to finish the submission. You will then receive a tracking number; i.e. ihs-15-02-04-CFDQ

4. Upload your filled-in ihs_SampleSubmissionTemplate.xls file

There is one final step in order for the UAGC staff to process your submission. Download the Excel ihs_SampleSubmissionTemplate.xls and fill it in with your sample submission information.

After you create the submission, on the submission page there will be tabs across the top; select "Files" and then upload the filled-in Excel template from your computer. The UAGC staff will not be able to proceed with your order until they have the additional information from this form.

If you have any questions, please call the NGS service directly at: (520) 621-9791