DNA Sequencing

UAGC offers high quality and fast turnaround fully automated DNA sequencing on multiple Applied Biosystems 3730 DNA Analyzers.

Sample Input

Samples can be submitted for low volume (tubes) or high volume (96-well plates) sequencing. 

Accepted sample types include PCR product, plasmid DNA, phage, or BACs, cosmids and single-stranded DNA.

Expected Results

Users of this service can expect up to 600 bases of high quality Phred scores per read.

Data can be previewed and downloaded directly using our Sample Lifecycle Manager (SLM).

Click on the 'Details' tab above for rate information and how to submit samples. 

Sample Preparation Details

Please review our Sequencing FAQ to prepare your submission and template DNA according to the guidelines.

Accepted sample types include PCR product, plasmid DNA, phage, or BACs, cosmids and single-stranded DNA.

Provide your own sequencing primer or use our standard universal primers at no extra charge. Click here:

Samples should be eluted in (MilliQ) water. Minimum volume required-

• 8µL of template per reaction

• 5µL of primer per reaction

Low volume (tube) sequencing should be submitted in 1.5mL snap-cap tubes. Sample and primer must be submitted in separate tubes. *Note if you have more than 22 sequencing reactions it will be more cost effective to use the High Volume (plate) sequencing workflow. 

High-volume sequencing should be submitted in a 96-well v-bottom plate. 

PCR products should be prepared with commercially available PCR cleanup kits and eluted in (Milli Q) water to remove excess primers, nucleotides, and buffers.

Automated sample cleanup, quantification, and normalization service is available for High-volume (96-well plate) sequencing submissions - simply select these options in Sample Lifecycle Manager (SLM). 



How to Get Started with your Sample Submission: 

  • Login to Sample Lifecycle Manager (SLM) and select the workflow 'Low Volume Sequencing' to submit tubes or 'High Volume Sequencing' to submit a 96well plate.
  • Upload your sample information for each tube or by pasting from a grid (96 well plate). Click submit tubes/grid. 
  • You must assign a primer for each sample reaction. 
  • Enter template concentration and length. 
  • Check other relevant options and click submit. 
  • Record and attach the 4 letter code at the end of your SLM submission to your samples and send or deliver to UAGC.

*Drop-off you sequencing submission in the freezer outside Keating 124, in Life Sciences South Rm 205 or by sending to UAGC

Users of this service can expect 600 bases or greater of high quality Phred scores per read.

View our Sequencing FAQ page for tips about what can cause messy or degraded sequence data. 

Please visit our Pricing page for High-Volume Sequencing (96-well plate format) cost.


Academic(UofA): $9.00 | Industry: $13.50 | Unit: Reaction

Turnaround Time

2-3 working days

Additional Information

When submitting your samples to Sample Lifecycle Manager SLM select either Low Volume Sequencing for individual tubes or High Volume Sequencing for whole 96 well plates. 


  • DNA Sequencing remains a powerful tool in genomics. If you are looking for a long read from a few samples this is a great technique to use.

    Crystal Richt

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