High Recovery DNA Extraction

This extraction method is ideal for samples with a limited amount of source material or a low expected yield. This process can also be used to extract high quantity, high molecular weight DNA for intensive downstream testing such as Exome Sequencing.

Sample Input

The UAGC accepts a variety of sample types suitable for this process, including buccal swabs, blood, plant tissue, and cell pellets.

Expected Results

High Quality Genomic DNA, quantified and returned in tubes.

Click on the 'Details' tab above for rate information and how to submit samples.

Sample Preparation Details

Please contact the lab to discuss your sample type and the necessary preparation for this extraction. 


How to Get Started with your Sample Submission: 

  • Go to Sample Lifecycle Manager (SLM) and select 'DNA Extraction' as your workflow.
  • Upload your sample information.
  • Click submit tubes
  • Record and attach the 4 letter code at the end of your SLM submission to your samples and send or deliver to UAGC. 
  • In the messages tab enter 'High-Recovery DNA Extraction' and any post-extraction details (i.e. Dilute to 5ng/uL with Low TE, or for Taqman assay).

*If an extraction method is not indicated we will contact you before sample processing. 

Overnight cell lysis precedes DNA extraction by Phenol Chloroform.

Genomic DNA will be resuspended in our LowTE buffer unless otherwise requested. 


Academic(UofA): $15.00 | Industry: $22.50 | Unit: Sample

Turnaround Time

Varies by project

Additional Information

This process is also available for FFPE preserved tissues as well as blood samples. Please contact core staff to see if our high-recovery extraction is right for you. 

  • Our high recovery DNA extraction is a great solution for samples with limited material, or low expected DNA yield.  

    Jon Galina-Mehlman

For this service, please contact