High Throughput DNA Extraction

UAGC’s High Throughput DNA extraction service uses an automated, robotic system to provide researchers with high quality genomic DNA at a capacity of up to 1000 extractions per day.

Sample Input

UAGC accepts a variety of sample types suitable for this process, including buccal swabs, tissue, cells, or blood.

Expected Results

High-quality genomic DNA, quantified and returned in barcoded plates or tubes. In addition, the UAGC provides biobanking services for on-going projects.

Click on the 'Details' tab above for rate information and how to submit samples.

Sample Preparation Details

This method is most appropriate for projects with 24 samples or more. We prefer to receive samples in barcoded tubes with lysis buffer. 


How to Get Started with your Sample Submission: 

  • Go to Sample Lifecycle Manager (SLM) and select 'DNA Extraction' as your workflow.
  • Upload your sample information from a list or past from a grid. Click 'submit tubes'. 
  • Record and attach the 4 letter code at the end of your SLM submission to your samples and send or deliver to UAGC. 
  • In the messages tab enter 'High-throughput DNA Extraction' and any post-extraction details (i.e. Dilute to 5ng/uL with Low TE, or for Taqman assay).

*If an extraction method is not indicated we will contact you before sample processing. 

We will extract your sample and quantify the genomic DNA content by Pico Green Assay. DNA can be returned to you in barcoded plates or tubes, or retained at the UAGC for future testing. 



Academic(UofA): $8.00 | Industry: $12.00 | Unit: Sample

Turnaround Time

5 business days

Additional Information

We utilize 4 BioSprint Extraction robots and Magnetic Bead Extraction Chemistry. Our high-throughput DNA extraction capacity is 1000 samples per day. 

  • UAGC can efficiently extract your samples; saving your lab time and resources. 

    Barbara Fransway

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