Human Leukocyte Antigen (HLA) Typing

HLA Typing can help you differentiate samples with high resolution. We can test for all major Major Histocompatability Complex or MHC Class I and Class II alleles. HLA loci are amongst the most genetically variable coding loci in humans. 

Sample Input

HLA Typing can be performed on DNA from a variety of sample types including cells, tissue, and blood. We also offer our DNA extraction service if you do not wish to or cannot extract your samples yourself.DNA Requirements: Extracted Genomic DNA at or above needed concentration (this varies based on the kit and loci to be examined), frozen and placed on dry ice if being shipped to the core facility.  

Expected Results

Results will be given in the form of an allele report as a .PDF file, wherein each sample is identified as resolutely as possible. When multiple alleles are possible for a given sample all will be listed.  

Sample Preparation Details

Samples are submitted as DNA in solution. Concentrations needed will vary depending on the locus and kit selected for your typing


Exons of a given locus are amplified and then sequenced. This data is then analyzed for heterogeneity (mixed base calls) at certain positions as well as the overall sequence and then referenced against the World Health Organization database of know alleles for given haplotypes. All allele calls are made first by a computer program and then carefully verified by a researcher, whereupon an Allele Report is prepared (in PDF format) for the client. 


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Turnaround Time

Varies per kit used. Approximate turnaround is 2-4 weeks from submission date. 

  • We can help differentiate your samples using the most highly variable coding region in the human genome.

    Jonathan R Galina-Mehlman

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