Quantification-Genomic DNA

UAGC can quantify your genomic DNA samples by Pico Green assay which detects the quantity of double stranded DNA (dsDNA) in your sample. 

Sample Input

Genomic DNA in plates or tubes. A minimum volume of 5µL is required for quantification. 

Expected Results

We will provide concentration information in ng/µL.  DNA may be diluted with LowTE or HPLC water upon request. 

Click on the 'Details' tab above for rate information and how to submit samples.

Sample Preparation Details

If you suspect your DNA has a high concentration (>100ng/uL) please let us know at time of submission. 

If you would like your genomic DNA returned to you after quantification, or if you require downstream services please let us know at the time of sample submission. 


How to Get Started with your Sample Submission: 

  • Login to Sample Lifecycle Manager (SLM) and select 'Quant and Dilution Genomic DNA' as your workflow.
  • Upload your sample information by clicking set sample or paste sample map. 
  • Click submit grid
  • Record and attach the 4 letter code at the end of your SLM submission to your samples and send or deliver to UAGC. 
  • In the messages tab enter post-quantification details (i.e. Dilute to 5ng/uL with Low TE, do not dilute, dry down for shipping, etc.) 

Samples may be diluted with Low TE or HPLC water following quantification- per request. 

Samples with lower concentration than desired may be dried down and then normalized to a requested volume or concentration. 

This process detects all dsDNA regardless of the specie of origin. 


Academic(UofA): $40.00 | Industry: $60.00 | Unit: 96wellPlate

Turnaround Time

3-4 days

Additional Information

Contact core staff to discuss how to submit your DNA for quantification. Dilution with water or Low TE buffer available upon request- additional cost for this service.  

  • Pico Green quanitfication is a great Quality Control for your genomic DNA samples. 

    Barbara Fransway
    University of Arizona Genetics Core

For this service, please contact