Taqman SNP Genotyping

Taqman SNP Genotyping is a robust and economical method to type a small number of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms, SNPs across a study population. This is appropriate for a few samples or several thousand. 

Sample Input

Genomic DNA- Normalized to 5ng/uL

-Users must provide their own SNP Assays or we can order the assay and bill to your project. UAGC does not stock Taqman Assays on-hand for general use.

Expected Results

Results table listing the sample genotype detected at each polymorphic site. 

Sample Preparation Details

Sample input is gDNA normalized to 5ng/uL. We can receive your samples in 1.5-2.0mL tubes but we prefer 96-well plates.  Samples which to do not meet our input requirements will be subject to additional handling fees. Please contact our lab if you have questions about sample preparation.


Academic(UofA): $3.50 | Industry: $5.25 | Unit: Sample

Turnaround Time

varies per project

  • Taqman SNP Genotyping provides fast and cost effective genotypic data.

    James Shira

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