Transgenic Mouse Genotyping

The UAGC provides Transgenic Mouse Genotyping Services. Select your region of interest (to see full list; click here), or we can design a custom assay to genotype your specific line.

Sample Input

We provide barcoded collection tubes pre-filled with extraction buffer. Simply add 2-4mm of tail tissue and return to the UAGC. Other tissues can be utilized, please email for details.

Expected Results

Depending on the locus, the UAGC utilizes a variety of methods to generate data on your samples, including fragment analysis, Taqman scatter plot, and gel electrophoresis. 

Click on the 'Details' tab above for rate information and how to submit samples.

Note- If you would like the remainder of your sample returned after genotyping please let us know. Samples not returned to researchers will be maintained in our lab for 1 Year after genotyping. After 1year the samples will be destroyed in keeping with our SOPs.

Sample Preparation Details

Sample collection tubes containing extraction buffer are provided. Contact UAGC to request by mail or pick up tubes from Liz Cox in Keating Rm. 111. Simply add 2-4mm of tail tissue to tube and return to

Liz Cox/UAGC 
1657 E Helen St Rm 111 
Tucson, AZ 85721

Samples with STE can be shipped at ambient temperature. Local researchers may drop off samples in-person M-F 9am-5pm. Samples may be dropped off at Keating/BIO5 Building- room 111.

Other tissues can be utilized, please email for details.


How to Get Started with your Sample Submission: 

New (July 2016) You can now submit your sample information using our webform. Click Here

 Or continue to submit using SLM by following the instructions below.

Submitting to SLM- Sample Lifecycle Managment System

  • Go to Sample Lifecycle Manager (SLM) and select 'Transgenic Mouse Genotyping' as your workflow.
  • Upload your sample information and click 'Create Submission' button.
  • Click the 'Files' tab and upload your sample batch sheet with sample IDs and tests ordered.
  • Attach the 4 letter code at the end of your SLM submission to your samples and send or deliver to UAGC.
  • Results will be uploaded to SLM. 

UAGC pre-validated assays Click Here:



Academic(UofA): $4.50 | Industry: $6.75 | Unit: Assay

Turnaround Time

5 business days

Additional Information

Price listed above is per assay. Individual samples may be run for multiple assays. Does not include price for DNA extraction.

  • Utilize one of our pre-validated assays or we can develop a custom PCR assay to detect your region of interest. We offer affordable testing with fast turnaround to help you best manage your colony.

    Taylor Edwards

For this service, please contact