SLM Quick Start Guide

End of Life Notice-

In March 2018 UAGC will transition to iLab Operations Software. SLM will not accept new submissions starting on March 19th 2018. To submit a service request to our lab please log into the iLab Operations Software. Data in SLM will be accessible from this system until April 19th at which time it will be accessible through a remote site.


  • Sample Lifecycle Manager (SLM) is a new way to submit samples and manage your data.
  • SLM requires a modern browser with javascript and cookies enabled.
  • SLM integrates with all of UAGC's services.
  • In addition to sample submission, SLM also offers a sample tracking and data organization.
  • URL (for submitting real samples):

User Registration

  • All users must register in order to use SLM
  • Click the register link on the front page to register a username.
  • Users without a UA NetID should make sure the "I have a UA NetID username' box is UNCHECKED.
  • After filling out the form, SLM will send an activation email to the registered email address.
  • Check your spam folder if you can't find the activation email.
  • Click on the link in the activation email to activate your account.

Logging In

  • Users with a UA NetID use their NetID and password to logon.
  • Users without a UA NetID use their email address as their username, and the password they entered during registration.
  • Users who forget their password can click on the 'reset password' link on the login screen to choose a new password.

Lab Groups

  • Submission and results data are accessible to all users within a lab group.
  • All users must be associated with a lab group before submitting samples.

Creating a Lab Group (for PIs ONLY!)

  • Click the 'Home' link in the navigation box.
  • Click the 'My Lab Groups' tab on the home page.
  • Click the 'create a new lab group' link, and fill out the form to create a new lab group.
  • The 'Account Number' field should contain a UA KFS account number, or contact UAGC to establish an account number.

Accessing a Lab Group

  • A PI will need to add your username to a Lab Group to allow you access.
  • After your username has been registered, ask your PI to follow these steps:
    • Click the 'Home' link in the navigation box.
    • Click the 'My Lab Groups' tab on the home page.
    • Select a Lab Group.
    • Click the 'Users' tab to view current Lab Group users.
    • Click the 'Add Users' button to add a new user.
    • Enter the user's NetID (or email address if the user does not have a NetID).

User Roles

  • Each lab user has a 'role' which determines what level of access they have.
  • User roles can be changed by a PI at any time by selecting and editing a user.
  • There are three different roles:
    • Collaborator: This user can view lab data, but cannot submit samples
    • Technician: This user can view lab data and submit samples
    • Manager: Same privileges as technician, plus they can add and remove users from the lab group.

Lab Account Managers

  • PIs and managers can add additional account numbers by clicking on the 'accounts' tab

Submitting Samples
Create a New Submission

  • Click the 'Home' link in the navigation box.
  • Click the 'Create Submission' button.
  • Select a UAGC service to submit to.
  • Select the account number to be billed.
  • Follow the instructions on the site to complete the submission.

Supported Services

  • Plate (high volume) sequencing - ABI 3730
  • Tube (low volume) sequencing - ABI 3730
  • Fragment Analysis - ABI 3730
  • Agena/Sequenom Genotyping
  • Agena/Sequenom Methylation Analysis
  • Taqman Genotyping
  • DNA Extraction
  • Cell Line Authentication
  • Illumina HiSeq 2500

Submission Tracking and Viewing Results Data
Submission Tracking

  • Submitters will receive an email every time the status of a submission is updated (received, testing, completed, etc.)
  • Click on the link at the bottom of the email and follow the instructions if you don't want to continue receiving status update emails.
  • Click the 'Home' link in the navigation box to view your submissions.
  • Click the 'My Lab Groups' tab and select a lab group to view submissions made by other users.
  • Click on the submission name to view its details.

Results Data

  • Click on the 'Files' tab to view results data when it becomes available.
  • Click on a file to download or view it.
  • Select multiple files, and then click the 'Download Archive' button to download all selected files as a zip archive.