Sample Lifecycle Manager

End of Life Notice-

In March 2018 UAGC will transition to iLab Operations Software. SLM will not accept new submissions starting on March 19th 2018. To submit a service request to our lab please log into the iLab Operations Software. Data in SLM will be accessible from this system until April 19th at which time it will be accessible through a remote site.

What is SLM?

Sample Lifecycle Manager (SLM) is our custom software that helps you manage your sample submissions and keep abreast of where your samples are in our workflow. It is a tracking and management tool that assists with the entire process from your initial submission to our reporting of completed results.

Some key SLM features include:

  • Multiple account numbers may be added for each Lab Group
  • Lab Groups are managed by a PI and may have many users
  • Collaborator, Technician, and Manager access levels
  • Use of UA NetID or other valid email address
  • Storage of, or references to, all your data that is generated at UAGC
  • Set your preferences to be notified of status updates

SLM Quick Start Guide

For a great introduction to SLM, see the SLM Quick Start Guide

SLM Tutorials

(Note these videos do not include sound)

  • SLM Registration - SLM User Registration Video
  • SLM Submission - Low Volume (Tube) Sequencing SLM Sequence Tube Submission Video
  • SLM Submission - Plate Sequencing SLM Sequence Plate Submission Video

SLM Technical / Software Developer Information

Technical information (release notes, credits, etc.): SLM About page