Nanostring Ncounter

The UAGC now offers the NanoString nCounter® Analysis System. This system uses molecular "barcodes" and single-molecule imaging to profile up to 800 mRNAs, microRNAs, or DNA targets simultaneously with high sensitivity and precision, without any reverse transcription or amplification.

General Information

Sample Input

Gene Expression, miRNA and miRGE Assasys:
        •  100ng purified total RNA
Copy Number Variation:
        •  300ng purified genomic DNA

The UAGC offers a variety of extraction services for most sample types, please inquire for deails and pricing.

Expected Results

Gene Expression
Limit of Detection:
        •  0.5fM spike-in control (~1 copy per cell); 90% of the time
Fold-change Sensitivity:
        •  >1.5 fold (>5 copies per cell)
        •  >2 fold change (>1 copy per cell)
miRNA Assay
Limit of Detection:
        •  ≤ 0.5fM (~10 copies per cell)
Fold-change Sensitivity:
        • > 2 fold change
Copy Number Variation
        •  99%
Number of Copies Detected:
        •  0-4, multiallelic
miRGE Assays
Limits of Detection:
        •  For miRNA: >2.5 copies per cell copy per cell
        •  For mRNA: 1 copy per cell
Fold-change Sensitivity:
        •  >2 fold change


Sample Preparation Details

Varies, please inquire.


A variety of pre-designed panels are available for off-the-shelf use. Each cartridge can run up to 12 samples, and most panel kits are sold with chemistry for 12, 24, 48 or 96 samples (Custom Panels start at 48 samples). For a complete list of the number of samples and specific genes covered by each panel, please visit the following links:
Gene Expression Panels
        •  PanCancer Pathways kit
        •  GX Human Kinase Kit
        •  GX Human Immunology v2 Kit
        •  Human Cancer Reference Kit
        •  Human Inflammation Kit v2
        •  GX Mouse Immunology Kit
        •  Mouse Inflammation Kit v2
        •  Human Reference GX Kit
miRNA Expression Analysis
        •  Human miRNA
        •  Mouse miRNA
        •  Rat miRNA
        •  Fly miRNA
Copy Number Variation Code Sets
        •  Cancer CN Assay
        •  Human Karyotype Panel
Custom CodeSets
For ultimate flexibility, you can work with NanoString directly (consultation is free of charge) to design a custom Gene Expression or Copy Number Variation code set tailored exactly to your research needs. This is especially useful for organisms that don't already have pre-built panels, hard-to-target sequences, and splice variation and fusion transcript detection. The custom CodeSet design process begins by selecting a list of targets and submitting them to NanoString. Once the design is approved by you, their Manufacturing Group will assemble your CodeSet, perform extensive quality control testing, and ship all components directly to the UAGC for processing. Custom CodeSet pricing is matrix based, with the price per data point declining with increasing numbers of genes and numbers of samples assayed.
miRGE Code Sets
Two assays, one reaction- Use this method to detect subsets of both mRNAs and miRNAs across all biological levels of expression. The nCounter miRGE Assay delivers accurate and sensitive profiling of 100 to 200 mRNA targets and between 5 and 30 miRNA targets, all in a single tube reaction.


Academic (UA): $525.00 | Academic(non-UA): $630.00 | Industry: $787.50 | Unit: Cartridge

Note- Cost per Cartridge does not include NanoString Code Sets. These must be purchased separately.

Turnaround Time

Depends on assay type; please inquire.

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